What I want to discuss with you today, could have a bigger impact on your business than anything else you do.
But first, go watch this 5 minute video on Youtube- it will explain what I’m talking about:

Watched it?

Ok. So in that that video, you heard Richard Koch, the author of the book ‘The 80/20 Principle’ talking about how most of what we do in our day-to-day business operations make up the ‘trivial many’.

Things like checking email, chatting on Facebook, or anything you’d consider ‘admin work’ all fall under this category.

Although they may feel important, in reality, they’re not.

On the other hand, you have activities that Richard refers to as the ‘vital few.’

Activities like:

– writing emails to your list, promoting your products (or someone elses as an affiliate)
– Creating new offers
– Setting up or improving a new sales funnel, etc, etc…

These are the things which actually bring in the cash. They account for the overwhelming majority of the results you get in your business.
But right now, I’m willing to bet they’re getting mixed in with, and given the equal importance to, ‘the trivial many.’

Huge mistake.

As long as you continue to do this, you’ll continue to get mediocre results in your business. Your business will operate at a small percentage of what it’s truly capable of. It will be as if you owned a Ferrari, but you’re never able to get past 2nd gear.

The problem is, you still have to do some of the ‘trivial many’ tasks.

Admin is part of any business.

So how do you fit it all into your busy schedule?

My friends,
The week-end is just begun and I want you to be relaxed! I give you a litle moment about something.
About what?
Please post a comment to express your opinion!

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