Helpful Network Marketing Tips

    When joining a network marketing business, many people feel overwhelmed at what seems to be an enormous amount of information that needs to be absorbed! They may think that they have to get everything in order before they get started, that they need to know the compensation plan from beginning to end, that they cannot possibly move forward until they know the ins and outs of the product they are marketing! Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember that your attitude to this business is far more important than your ability! I hope you will find a gem or two in this list of Network Marketing Tips below.

    These are some Network Marketing Tips that I have found to be of great value:

    #1: Never Quit! FOCUS and treat it like a business. You would not hop, skip and jump between businesses in the brick and mortar world and expect to be successful – the same holds true for your online Network Marketing business

    #2: Develop a belief in yourself and your ability to succeed.

   #3: The most important thing you need to concentrate on is YOU! Successful Network Marketers are most concerned with constant self-improvement. You will KNOW that you will succeed when you have conquered your doubts and fears. That’s the mark of a true online entrepreneur!

In the words of America’s leading business motivator, Jim Rohn:
“Formal Education makes you a living. If you become Self-Educated you create a fortune”

    #4: Have a genuine desire to help others to succeed. Do everything you can to encourage their self-development. Lead, but do not babysit!

      #5: Concentrate on being enthusiastic, understanding the needs of your prospect and providing them with valuable information rather than “selling”.

      #6: Develop good leadership skills by learning from those who are successful in MLM. Follow people like:

*Mike Dillard, who wrote the timeless bestseller, Magnetic Sponsoring.

*Jonathan Budd, a 27-year old billionaire who now creates courses to help others do the same in the MLM world.

*Daegan Smith, “the king of never calling a single lead”

    #7: Develop an ability to really listen to your customers and prospects. Find out what THEY want and work out a plan to help them achieve their goals. As the saying goes: “We were given 2 ears and only 1 mouth for a very good reason!”

    #8: Be prepared to answer questions and find out the answer if you do not know it. The people you sponsor into your business need to become leaders who will themselves develop leaders.

    #9: Be a person of integrity at all times. The main reason people join you in Network Marketing is because they trust, like, respect and know you. Therefore you need to get to know the person and their needs and desires first before you introduce your business to them.

    #10: Have control over your attitude. This will ultimately manifest itself in positive outward behaviour.

Of all the network marketing tips covered above, I believe FOCUS to be one of the most important. Without this ability to shut out the interminable “next best things”, countless emails, invitations to groups and events that are such an integral part of online marketing, it becomes well nigh impossible to succeed in any online business. Do yourself a favour and stick with your chosen opportunity long enough to allow yourself to succeed!

I would really appreciate your contributions to this post in the comments section below. Please share your Network Marketing Tips so that all who read this post will benefit.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great! (Zig Ziglar)


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